The masseuse done( thai dance as she called it) walking and using her feet on my back and legs it was fairly sore, but bearable and well worth it.I went to phiso for six weeks with sore foot ,which they xrayed ,wrote rep... read more

Waterford #3,640 rating: 5/5

Went here on Sunday for Father's Day for food n a few drinks .there was 5 of us .Food was excellent fish burger rib eye steak fillet steak chicken wrap all were delicious all side orders great too .We all enjoyed ou... read more

Carrick-On-Suir #3,526 rating: 5/5

Please do NOT go to VICKY ANTOINETTE (currently in Mallow) do not waste your money. She is a complete charlatan. I paid 70 euro to see her yesterday. She spent about 80% of the time telling me that my partner was no good... read more

Cork #3,503 rating: 1/5

If you are visiting waterford you can't leave without trying this gem of a bar. Staff are great and the drinks are even better. Could spend every weekend here

Waterford #3,416 rating: 5/5

Quality Place For A Chop All the Staff Are Excellent ??❤✂?✂Great With Modern Styles and Old Styles ... experienced with dealing with young kids ..

Ennis #3,410 rating: 5/5

Timahoe village is a beautiful place to visit anytime. The village surrounds the idyllic Goose Green complete with bandstand.Close to the village is one of the best preserved Bell or Round Towers in all of Ireland which... read more

#3,201 rating: 5/5

it was shite to be honest like allow us to use the shower ye luv came down your cooking is shite kill yourself hfrwbfwhiufhnehfgriehfgeirhgiurhfguisrehfguiserifggerf

#3,193 rating: 1/5

Zapraszamy do Salony Polskiej Telewizji w Irlandi u nasz podpiszesz umowę abonencką z NC+ wymienisz dekoder na nowy model lub zmienisz pakiet

Dublin #3,103 rating: 5/5

We had occasion to visit this pub while passing through Longford. We would be the last to complain about things but if something is not right and you ask politely for it to be put right as a customer you expect to be lis... read more

Longford #2,957 rating: 1/5

Warm friendly motivating non judgemental & fun You will never look back!! Claire has a way of picking you up just when you need it I'd swear she is psychic Losing weight has never been so easy and I can'... read more

Galway #2,917 rating: 5/5