Timahoe village is a beautiful place to visit anytime. The village surrounds the idyllic Goose Green complete with bandstand.Close to the village is one of the best preserved Bell or Round Towers in all of Ireland which... read more

#3,201 rating: 5/5

it was shite to be honest like allow us to use the shower ye luv came down your cooking is shite kill yourself hfrwbfwhiufhnehfgriehfgeirhgiurhfguisrehfguiserifggerf

#3,193 rating: 1/5

Zapraszamy do Salony Polskiej Telewizji w Irlandi u nasz podpiszesz umowę abonencką z NC+ wymienisz dekoder na nowy model lub zmienisz pakiet EireSat.eu

Dublin #3,103 rating: 5/5

We had occasion to visit this pub while passing through Longford. We would be the last to complain about things but if something is not right and you ask politely for it to be put right as a customer you expect to be lis... read more

Longford #2,957 rating: 1/5

Warm friendly motivating non judgemental & fun You will never look back!! Claire has a way of picking you up just when you need it I'd swear she is psychic Losing weight has never been so easy and I can'... read more

Galway #2,917 rating: 5/5

I bought a phone cover from them just over a week ago. I noticed that a piece had broken off while my phone was in my jacket pocket. So I went back to X-tech in Cork an showed this to them and I told them what happened... read more

Cork #2,908 rating: 1/5

Most of the menu is inedible, the cheapest ingredients are used and there is no care in the service. You won't get a free scoop of processed chips here. The display menu is illegible, always check what the prices ar... read more

#2,664 rating: 1/5

Good place to start your adventure with horses. Anna is very patient with kids and teaches horse riding through games and fun exercises. She is very familiar with autism and specialize in equine therapy crafted for autis... read more

#2,646 rating: 4/5

5 star salon with amazing treatments and services. From day to day Hairdressing to the most amazing wedding specialist I have ever met . I would highly recommend Sharon O Reilly Hairdressing

#2,575 rating: 5/5

Had lunch with friends in the Hungry Duck on two occasions. Most enjoyable . Bacon sarnie So tasty .Chocolate brownie amazing . Staff really nice . Who could ask for more ? !

Dublin #2,518 rating: 5/5